Interviews and Videos

2020 October, TV Channel 13, interview (Hebrew) in “The Professors”, see here.

2020 July 31, Times of Israel piece on New way to predict cancer’s deadly spread

2020 July 29, Jerusalem Post piece on New cancer test to diagnose aggressive tumors

2020 July 27, Radio interview (Hebrew) in “Three who know” program in Caan Tarbut

2020 July, Technion piece – Clinical metastatic risk determination

2019 April, News1 piece in Hebrew – Cell criminology

2017 March 22, i24 Trending News TV interview in English (starting min 26:00).

2017 March 17, Maariv Daily, local Friday paper in Hebrew

2017 March 16, Radio segment in Hebrew, listen here

2017 March 13, Radio (103fm) interview in Hebrew with Gabi Gazit, listen here

2017 March 13, Haaretz daily newspaper piece in Hebrew  and in English

2017 March 7, Technion piece for International Women’s day

2016 Aug. 27, Interview at Walla! News.

2016 Aug. 9, Science on the Bar talk on wound healing, pictures on Facebook and the invitation on Facebook.

2015 Video abstract NJP (2015) publication

2014 Nov. 9 TEDMED parallel panel pictures , more on Facebook
TEDMED panel- picture

2014 US-base AlHurra Network TV (dubbed) Interview

2013 Faculty of Biomedical Engineering promotional video

2012 Dec. 30 recorded lecture (in Hebrew) as part of Technion on the Bar evening

2012 July 23, Banff Workshop, to see my talk.

2010 interview to Women at Technion youtube channel