Open Positions

Positions available for, Ph.D. and M.Sc. students, please contact us for more details.

Opening for MSc and PhD students

Exciting experimental cell-to-tissue level and computational (i.e., image processing, machine learning and finite element analysis) projects available. Join us for the scientific and translational development stages of applicative clinical mechanobiology-based approaches for:

  • Rapid (~2hr) and quantitative cancer diagnosis and predictive, early prognosis of metastatic likelihood – at clinical development and validation stage.
  • Novel approaches for prevention chronic wounds and acceleration of wound healing in patients.
  • The interface between cancer, wounds and the immune response.

Experimental and/or computational (comupter modeling, image processing, and machine learning) projects are available. For exciting work on cutting edge of medical sciences, including direct work with medical doctors and other clinical professionals –
Excellent candidates with an engineering, biological, or physical background are invited to contact Assoc. Prof. Daphne Weihs, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, for more information, email: