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Picture of A/Professor Daphne Weihs

A/Professor Daphne Weihs

Assoc. Prof. Biomedical Engineering
Phone:  (+972-4) 829-4134
Address:  Biomedical Engineering, room 245
Head of the L&D Sherman Center for Research in Biomaterials
Past President, Israel Society of Medical and Biological Engineering Continue Reading A/Professor Daphne Weihs


Picture of Anastasia Simonova

Anastasia Simonova

Master's degree
Phone:  0507267001
Address:  Biomedical Engineering, room 258
Biologist, Research-teachet. Continue Reading Anastasia Simonova

Post – docs

Graduate students

Picture of Marina Tulchinsky

Marina Tulchinsky

MSc student
Phone:  (+972)585989902
Address:  Biomedical Engineering, room 258
2020 - BSc, Biomedical engineering, Technion
Research: Combined pre-treatments to accelerate gap closure in the context of wound healing. Continue Reading Marina Tulchinsky
Picture of Amir Shaghoury

Amir Shaghoury

MSc student
Phone:  0527429523
Address:  Biomedical Engineering, room 258
2012-2017- Bsc, Biotechnology and food engineering
2022 - current, Msc, Biomedical engineering, Technion
Research: Prediction of tumor invasiveness and conditions affecting invasiveness in gastric, colon and pancreatic cancers. Continue Reading Amir Shaghoury

Undergraduate students

Picture of Nikolay Solodar

Nikolay Solodar

Picture of Dina Qais

Dina Qais

Research Assistant Continue Reading Dina Qais


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